"You don't want a million answers as much as you want a few forever questions. The questions are diamonds and you hold the light. Study a lifetime and you see different colours from the same jewel. The same questions, asked again, bring you just the answers you need, just the minute you need them.”

(Richard Bach)

  • Why would I come to one of your workshops?
    As we go through life, and as we get older and watch our lives evolve, it can sometimes seem as if things didn’t turn out the way we hoped. It might be that you didn’t do the things you always thought you would, or it might be that you don’t feel the way you thought you would. It might be that your life is as you thought it would be but that you are simply not enjoying it as much as you thought you would, and perhaps you feel confused about this. Perhaps all is fine, except for one area where you seem to repeat the same pattern, or feel held back. If you can relate to this, it may be that a Sycamore Workshop could make the difference for you.

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